Custom Art


Teacher, wife, mother, grandmother - ARTIST.

Merle started her journey ‘The Art of Insight’ through a dream to share with others the way art talks to us.

It is unfolding through her love of sharing her knowledge of personal growth and its links.

Merle was a Primary School teacher for 34 years, but did not teach art. Her pathway evolved through her interest in spiritual art. The more she drew the more in touch she became with how the pictures told a story. Feelings and information evolved as the picture took shape.

Symbolism expanded, pictures became more complex and messages more explicit. Merle was able to feel what was to be drawn, see shapes within lines and shadows. She learned that the pictures moved from the past, to the present, to the future. The energy from each picture was individual as stories unfolded. This process is shared in Merle’s art classes, workshops and readings.


The Beginning – the Dream

The unicorn grew in the egg, a symbol of a new beginning.


The Magic of Creating             

The unicorn is looking at the crystals, symbols of new ideas. There is a reflection of the unicorn in the waterfall and the profile of an Indian face. These were not consciously drawn but are a part of the artwork.



This picture evolved as Merle drew a horse. Bottom left. She used colours she felt were appropriate. The finished picture grew from her understanding of how to draw as she was inspired to by using her inner knowing. This she uses as her business card and reflects her dreams of creating magic through her knowing and trust of her own abilities


Art and Intuition for Personal Growth
Merle Tait 2015