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Dates 2016...

  • Sunbury Workshops/Neighbourhood Workshops
  • Shepparton Workshop
  • Other venues to be announced
  • Book a workshop for you and your friends
  • Sunbury - Weekly Art Classes


Workshop Information

Bookings are necessary as places are limited.

When booking via email, please include a telephone number as workshops can be cancelled due to insufficient numbers.

Numbers are finalized on the Wednesday before workshop. Please book before then.

These classes include art skills being taught in conjunction with intuitive insights and their answers.


Sunbury 2016
         Venue - 13A Powlett St., Sunbury 3429

                 Contact -  Merle mobile 0418 337678

* Ideas for workshops are fluid and evolve to the needs of individuals in the workshop.

*No two workshops are the same even if the theme is repeated. Each workshop will reveal additional information for the person drawing and provide another step in your journey.

Draw two pictures... find out their meaning and find out what is to be addresed in your life.


May 15

Messages - A feather and crossroads will help you to understand what you are to do to move forward in your life.

August 21

Inner Light - The rainbow and a wishing well - Learning to trust yourself, follow the rainbow.

November 20

Abundance and gratitude– Flowers and the mystery picture you must draw next. Find an answer as your picture unfolds..


Creative drawing - zen tangling or creative doodling for relaxation and fun. Basic skill development with designs, suitable for colouring in.

Sunbury Neighbourhood House

February - Workshop

Weekly classes Art Studio -  Thursdays 6:00  -7:30   bookings 9740 6978


Shepparton 2016

Shepparton Spiritualist Church, Shepparton

Contact Merle mobile 0418 337678

April 16

Workshop theme ….

Change - using Autumn colours, draw mushroom and leaves to understand what you are to do to move forward in your life

Geelong 2016

Greater Geelong Spiritualist Centre, Geelong

Contact Merle   mobile 0418 337678

May 2

Saturday …. Wellbeing and Inner Peace Festival ... 9:00 - 4:00 Grovedale Neighbourhood House

Wangaratta 2016

 Workshop 1:30 - 3:30  Date to be arranged

Venue: The Spirited Party Shop
81 Mercy St Wangaratta 3677
* Bookings required
Inquiries (03) 5722 2696



Weekly Art Classes in Sunbury 2016

                Sunbury Community Art Centre

                 At The Boiler House in Sunbury, off Circular Drive

                             Merle mobile 0418 337678

Art for all Ages...
Pastel drawing and painting tuition

…… Wednesday 4:00

            Term 1 - 8 weeks,  fees $90            Casual $15 per session


             Term 2 - 10 weeks, fees $110             Casual $15 per session

             Term 3 - 9 weeks, fees $100           Casual $15 per session

             Term 4 - 8 weeks, fees $90              Casual $15 per session

…..  Thursday 10:00 - 12:00

             Term 1

             Term 2        - 10 weeks, fees $200

             Term 3       - 9 weeks, fees $180

              Term 4     - 8 weeks, fees $160

            Casual $25 per session


Additional Events 2015

Merle will be at these venues - inquiries welcome

Brunswick Church, March 22nd

Bendigo Spiritual Church, May 22nd

Shepparton Spiritualistic Church, Shepparton, December 13th

Festivals and Expos - to be announced

August 20th Shepparton Spiritualist Church, Shepparton

Bookings are required for Workshops.


Art and Intuition for Personal Growth
Merle Tait 2016