Custom Art


Visionary and
Psychic Artist
Merle Tait

What is an intuitive art workshop? 

How does it work? 

What will I find out? 

I can't draw will it work for me? ......YES!

Merle’s Role
Merle constructs each workshop as a journey. The theme is chosen and the relevant symbols become apparent as do their meanings. The theme then grows and the relevant archetype (or characteristics to be developed in the future) becomes clearer. The information is imparted in a user friendly way through Merle’s teaching skills and her understanding of the process of learning. She guides each person to learn both art skills and life skills or the ‘Art of Insight’.

Your Role
As you become more involved in the interactive drawing, you begin your journey to new understanding. Your own answers are revealed and explained in the process (not always at a conscious level or on the day of the drawing). Each drawing is distinctive and individual. The end result is highly valued by the artist for its creativity, individuality and answers.

You can do it too, when shown how!

  • Have fun
  • Learn to draw
  • Build confidence
  • Improve Self esteem
  • Explore your Creativity
  Discover how to move forward in your life as answers are revealed through your art.

Art and Intuition for Personal Growth
Merle Tait 2015