Custom Art


Art of the moment

Discover your own talent and have fun in a non–judgemental environment …

Have an 'art party' with friends or come to a workshop

Art of the moment works with your intuition, you draw what you think and feel.

Intuitive art works from an inner knowing.

I can't draw will it work for me? ... YES!

Intuitive art allows the artwork to show you inner answers.

Although you are shown the skills of drawing ' how to draw a face, or an animal or an object (as seen with the wishing well below).

You find your picture unfolds as you want it, where objects are placed, the colours you choose, the feelings about what is happening within the picture and what you must include that is different to another person's drawing.

You are shown how to draw and how to understand the process of finding the answers within the art.

Everybody can do it when shown how?

Each workshop is a journey. Merle's teaching skills and her understanding of the process of learning guides each person...

to learn both art and life skills
The Art of Insight.

Step by step instruction

Form and colour
Add detail


Detail Added

Everyone's picture is different, colours and symbols tell you about your own story. A different picture reveals a different story.


No art skill required!

Art skills are taught in conjunction with methods of interpreting art-work.

  • You draw under Merle's direction
  • You learn the links between drawing and life
    1. How intuitive art works
    2. The secrets of symbols, colours
    3. Why pictures work and don’t work
    4. How the past, present & future are revealed
  • You learn to follow your own inner guidance

Workshops are theme based.

You are shown how to draw and link to your picture through symbols, colour, animals and faces/archetypal characters.

  • Complete any theme more than once and you will experience how the workshop will answer your needs at another level. Pictures differ and the answers you receive will vary.
  • Workshop content is never repeated, each is individual due to the participant's needs and variation in work techniques included on the day.
  • What ever theme is chosen there is an energetic link to finding your own answers.

New Themes and Day Workshops organised regularly

1. Answers -follow the rainbow

2. Acknowledge your power

3. Courage

4. New Knowledge – steps/ staircase, tree, book

6. Inner peace – under the sea, seahorse

7. What is your treasure? The treasure chest

8. Ancient Knowledge – the dragon 

9. Inner search - the crystal grotto / castle

10. Dreams – wishing well

Ideas for workshops are fluid and evolve to the needs of individuals in the workshop.




Art and Intuition for Personal Growth
Merle Tait 2015